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Tue August 20 2019 Hobbies News By Mike Martin

Tender Essence Reveals the Secret to Making Your Own Beard Oil From All Natural Ingredients

Selby - YO8 8GS United Kingdom - Tender Essence, an online retailer of essential oils and natural cosmetic ingredients, has shared with customers how they can create their own natural beard oil at home. The company claim this will save customers money and make sure the money they do spend goes into the product itself, not the packaging.

They claim people can spend the same amount on making enough beard oil to last years as they would for only a month's supply from bigger companies. With some companies selling 10ml bottles for prices as much as £18, some customers wonder where the money goes. 'It's not in the product, that's for sure,' says Michael from Tender Essence. 'The packaging is one of the most expensive parts of these oils. The same beard oil which big companies are charging almost £20 for can be made from as little as £6 and could last you a full year!'

The secrets of a good beard oil aren't obvious at first, which is why Tender Essence has produced a step by step guide on their blog. The star ingredient, they say, is essential oils, which the company specialise in. This expert knowledge means they can advise customers on which oils they should be using for their specific needs. As well as giving advice, they sell the products they mention, providing customers with a one-stop-shop for their all natural, homemade beard oils.

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Tender Essence is an expanding online retailer of essential oils, based in the UK. They sell products within the UK and internationally. Their range is entirely vegan and cruelty free, including essential oils, soap, candle making products and carrier oils. Their online blog is constantly being updated with natural cosmetics recipes and informative articles.

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